Pastor Roseboro has been preaching and teaching the Gospel at New Hope since September 1991. During His leadership New Hope has paid off the church and remodeling has taken place in various locations of the church. Sunday school and bible study classes have grown from one adult class to three classes ranging from primary to adult. New Hope's greatest accomplishment under the leadership of Pastor Roseboro is the SOULS that have been WON TO CHRIST, the HOLY SPIRIT moving in abundance, our Missionary's are out visiting and witnessing and New Hope is praying and working like never before.                

Pastor Roseboro has taught and instilled in New Hope that

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things

 not seen" (Hebrews 11:1) Pastor Roseboro also through the word,

taught New Hope to show love no matter what comes our way

 and through this love and by the GRACE OF GOD New Hope have

over come many obstacles.



Rev. Larry Roseboro is not just the pastor of New Hope he is a friend

 to all he comes in contact with, we the New Hope church family

 promise to all that visit New Hope Baptist Church that his teaching

and preaching will leave you wanting to hear more.

  Pastor Roseboro is a TRUE man of GOD called by God to do the

 will of GOD!